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Two men relaxing under veranda showcasing Vieux Riche Country Club men's crew neck sweatshirts.

Men's Country Club Collection

Country clubs have long been a stronghold of the old money style men archetype. These establishments, brimming with tradition and heritage, demand an aesthetic that's both relaxed and refined. Our Men's Country Club Collection at Vieux Riche is tailored to fit this exquisite niche.

Featuring garments that radiate the old money aesthetic, each piece is a nod to those tranquil moments on the greens or the casual, yet polished gatherings in the clubhouse. Dive into a curated selection that embodies the old money style and old money outfit sensibilities — all designed with the discerning gentleman in mind.

Experience an impeccable fusion of the old money aesthetic men with contemporary design nuances. Rediscover the Country Club essence with Vieux Riche.

The Epitome of Old Money Style