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Elegant woman under veranda showcasing Vieux Riche Country Club women's turtleneck style.

Women's Country Club Collection

For decades, the corridors of country clubs have whispered tales of the women who embody the epitome of old money style women. These women, draped in elegance and exuding unmatched grace, have set timeless standards for fashion.

At Vieux Riche, our Women's Country Club Collection is a tribute to this storied legacy. Dive into selections that seamlessly blend the old money aesthetic with the charm and sophistication of the country club milieu. Whether you're serving style on the tennis court or looking for the quintessential old money outfit for a brunch on the veranda, we've got you covered. Our ensembles capture the essence of old money style for women, making them perfect for leisurely days at the club.

Experience the true essence of the old money style, designed for the discerning woman who cherishes timeless elegance and sophistication.

Graceful Old Money Style Unveiled