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Man in a classic cream cable knit sweater sitting casually outdoors, embodying a timeless old money fashion aesthetic.

Discover the Essence of Timeless Sophistication with Vieux Riche.


At Vieux Riche, we believe true style is eternal. Our Vintage Old Money Collection is a curated homage to the understated luxury and enduring elegance that has characterized the wardrobes of those who don't just follow trends—they set them.

Vintage Old Money Collection

Lavish old money interior with a grand staircase leading upwards.
Close-up view of an opulent old money mansion's interior details.Close-up view of an opulent old money mansion's interior details.
Showcasing the elegance of the Country Club Collection: woman on a tennis court embodying the old money style with a draped crew neck sweatshirt.

Country Club Collection

Discover the Elegance of the Country Club Era. Dive into our first collection, where vintage charm meets the timeless allure of old money aesthetics. Exclusive to Vieux Riche.

Explore our collection of blog posts which cover all aspects of the Old Money aesthetic, fashion and lifestyle.


1980s Ralph Lauren photoshoot featuring a couple with their two dogs.

Via Ralph Lauren

Explore the Charm of Old Money Style

Vintage Ralph Lauren photoshoot from the 1980s.
Affluent young couple enjoying a sunset on a boat.
Attractive woman on a tennis court in a sporting attire.
Interior view of a house designed in the old money style.

Together, let's explore the charm of old money fashion, and cultivate a style that speaks of timeless elegance and refined simplicity. Here's to embracing the old money aesthetic. Here's to embracing Vieux Riche.

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Welcome to Vieux Riche, where timeless elegance meets classic style.

Vieux Riche, meaning 'Old Rich' in French, encapsulates our brand's essence perfectly. It's a nod to the timeless elegance of classic style, inspired by those who've inherited not just wealth, but also a sense of style that gracefully transcends generations.